What is i Macros?

i Macros is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer web browsers which add record and replay functionality similar to that found in web testing and form filler software. The macros can be combined and controlled via JavaScript. Demo macros and JavaScript code examples are included with the software. i Macros was developed by i Opus. First released in 2001, i Macros was the first macro recorder tool specifically designed and optimized for web browsers.

i Macros for Firefox and Chrome offers a feature known as social scripting. It allows users to share macros and scripts in a way that is similar to how they share bookmarks on the many social bookmarking websites. After creating a new macro, users can click just once to share it with their friends as a link, either by distributing the link via email and social bookmarking websites, or by embedding it in a website or blog for public access. Technically, this is accomplished by embedding the i macro and the controlling JavaScript inside a plain text link.

Along with the freeware version, i Macros is available as a proprietary commercial application, with additional features and support for web scripting, web scraping, internet server monitoring, and web testing. In addition to working with HTML pages, the commercial editions can automate Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, Silver-light, and Java applets by using Direct screen and image recognition technology.

Advanced versions also contain a command-line interface and an application programming interface (API) to automate more complicated tasks and integrate with other programs or scripts. The i Macros API is called Scripting Interface. The Scripting Interface of the i Macros Scripting Edition is designed as a Component Object Model (COM) object and allows the user to remotely control (script) the i Macros Browser, Internet Explorer, and Firefox from any Windows programming or scripting language.

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